autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering marijuana strains differ from normal indica/sativa cannabis strains (and hybrids) in that they do not start blooming by changing the light period (photoperiod), but by the age of the plant. To achieve this, ruderalis is crossed, which comes from areas with short summers, where the summer days have very many hours of sunshine. What does this mean for ruderalis ?

– ruderalis have to bloom very fast to get finished

– ruderalis get consistent 18 + hours of light

– ruderalis stay small, because they grow only a short time

– ruderalis start flowering after 2- 4 weeks

autoflowering cannabis seeds

Seed banks are now trying to combine the abilities of rudelaris with the benefits of yielding varieties in new autoflowering strains.

auto flowering strains list

autoflowering canna seed

Hanfsamen im Vergleich from Canna Seed on Vimeo.